Town Board Public Hearing on rezoning in the Northeast: Monday, December 7. 6:00 pm.

The Town Board’s proposal would extend Conservation Zoning from the Lab of Ornithology to a portion of the adjacent Cornell property and the remaining Lucente parcels in the Town. This rezoning would reduce the density of future development to an environmentally appropriate level. It would also help to preserve the woodlands and wetlands found on the site while limiting stormwater impacts downstream.

This meeting is the culmination of a many-year effort for Northeast residents who have had concerns about the negative impacts of the proposed Briarwood II.

Discussions at recent Board meetings have revealed a divided Town Board on this issue, and we anticipate the vote to be very close. This might well be the final opportunity for residents to weigh in on this issue, and we strongly encourage you to attend this meeting and have your voice heard.

Location: Town Hall, 215 N. Tioga St., downtown Ithaca

Date: Monday, December 7, 2009 Time: 6:00 P.M.

Northeast Rezoning: Important Links and Documents

As the Town Board public hearing on rezoning approaches, the below links provide important information about the ecological and hydrological context of the Northeast.

LeCain Report on Ecological Communities in Northeast. This report was commissioned by the Town and is the result of a year-long study.

Northeast Drainage Study. This study was conducted by the Town of Ithaca and presented to the neighborhood last August. It includes a $9,300,000 cost estimate to alleviate current drainage problems.

Tompkins County Natural Features Focus Area Project: Fall Creek (pdf). The County includes Sapsucker Woods within the Fall Creek watershed and makes several specific recommendations for the protection of Sapsucker Woods.

Wetlands Protection in Tompkins County: Existing Status, Gaps, and Future Needs (pdf). This report was presented to Town officials in May, 2008.

Summary of Findings by Stormwater Consultant. The stormwater consultants, Milone and MacBroom, were commissioned by the Town to assess drainage problems in the Northeast and potential impacts of future development. They presented their findings in July, 2007.

Town of Ithaca Conservation Zoning ordinance. This ordinance is currently undergoing revision.


Public Hearing set for December 7th

Town Board continues discussion of NE Conservation Zoning

Some aspects of the Town Board's discussion of the issue of conservation zoning in the Northeast can be found in this Ithaca Journal article.

Conservation Zoning Issue sent back to Planning Committee

For the Town Board's October 19th discussion of possible Conservation Zoning in the Northeast, please see The Ithaca Journal's article.


Town Board Meeting 10/19

As the moratorium on development in the Northeast draws to a close, the Ithaca Town Board will soon decide whether to extend Conservation Zoning to the woods adjacent to the Lab of Ornithology.

On Monday, October 19 the Town Board will take up the issue and indicate the direction they are likely to go in the next couple of months.

If you support the preservation of these woodlands and wetlands or are concerned about how future development would worsen drainage problems, please come to this meeting. The Town Board needs to know that neighbors and residents support rezoning. Your presence would help empower the Town Board to act on the recommendations of their consultants and the Planning Committee.

WHEN: this Monday, October 19 at 6:00 pm

WHERE: Ithaca Town Hall, 215 N. Tioga St., Downtown Ithaca.

10/14/09 Ithaca Times Article on Northeast

For some background to the upcoming Town Board meeting, please see this article.

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